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CHO Counting Assignment_1

CHO Counting Assignment_1 - Modified Diet Experience CHO...

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Modified Diet Experience: CHO Counting CHO counting can be used for patients who need to consume a consistent amount of CHO at each meal each day and for those who adjust their insulin according to the amount of CHO consumed. This activity will provide practice in both approaches. 1. Establish your calorie level (select one of the following): _____ (std wt/ht in kg) x 25 – 30* kcal (weight loss/low activity) = ________ _____ (std wt/ht in kg) x 30 – 35* kcal (weight maintenance/average activity) =__________ _____ (std wt/ht in kg) x 35 – 40* kcal (weight gain/high activity) = __________ * select a number within the desired range To determine std wt for women: 100# for 5 ft + 5#/inch over 5 ft. men: 106# for 5 ft. + 6#/inch over 5 ft. To convert lbs. to kg. divide by 2.2 2. Determine the day’s CHO allowance in grams: (kcal from #1) x 50% = ________ kcal from CHO / 4 = ________ g CHO 3. Establish the day’s CHO pattern using the following percentages. For the first part of the assignment , set up a CHO Counting pattern using “carbs”. One “carb:” is a 15 gram portion (one exchange from CHO containing groups – milk, breads/starches, fruit).
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