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Guidelines for Presentations

Guidelines for Presentations - Obese Mice 3:11 2007 pp...

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Guidelines for Presentations Presentations will begin on Wednesday, March 3. If you have signed up for March 3, by Saturday, February 27, you must send your paper to the class. It is easiest to send it PDF. Students, who are not presenting, must prepare two (2 ) questions for the presenter. If you are presenting, you must prepare two questions for the other presenters. The class has, presumably, read your paper. You are here to discuss it, so your presentation of the material should be longer on results and shorter on methods. Format for presentation: Slide one: Title (of the paper) Large font – use ARIAL because it is easier to read that NY Times or the others that have flags on the letters, full citation, in a tiny font with the lead author’s name bolded, your name, and the date THE EFFECTS OF WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE ON FECAL FAT EXCRETION IN C57BL/6J MICE Johnson, C., Jones, B., Winston, D., Etcetera, A., J
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Unformatted text preview: Obese Mice, 3:11, 2007, pp. 237-45. Sally Student 3/11/2010 Slide 2: Justification for the work. In a phrase or two, describe why the experiment was done Does WPI increase fecal fat excretion in C57BL/6J mice? Slide 3: Methods (do not get bogged down in methods – keep it brief. You may need more than one slide for methods, depending, but spare us the details) Random, crossover, 2 weeks with 1 week washout Subjects: 16 C57BL/6J mice, divided into Experimentals/Controls Diet: Isocaloric mice standard mouse chow, with or without WPI, as the protein source Feces examined for fecal fat Slide 4: Results Mice that consumed mouse chow, with WPI, showed a trend toward greater fat excretion (p = <0.057) Slide 5 : Summary of slides 2 – 4. Slide 6: Your comments: Fecal fat excretion may increase, slightly, in C57BL/6J mice, when they consume a diet with WPI as the protein source. Can this be generalized to humans? Is this the best way for humans to lose fat?...
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Guidelines for Presentations - Obese Mice 3:11 2007 pp...

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