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NTR 366L Take-home Lab #1 Due Week of February 14, Lab Day 1 Thu Hoang TTH 2-5 PM Introduction to Nutritional Genomics Goal: To explore nutritional genomics, a new area of research in the field of “personalized medicine.” Instructions: Read the review article by M.T. Ravi Subbiah on “Nutrigenetics and nutraceuticals: the next wave riding on personalized medicine,” Translational Research 2007; 149:55–61. A pdf is posted on Blackboard, and you can also read it on-line at this link. Use the internet to explore some of the concepts introduced here in greater depth if necessary. 1. What is “personalized medicine”? Personalized medicine is the concept of medicine that is made based on an individual’s unique genetic make up. 2. Nutritional genomics comprises nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics; define these terms and make clear how they differ. Nutrigenomics is the study of relations of dietary components with the genome and the resulting proteonomic and metabolomic modifications. Nutrigenetics is the understanding of the gene based deference’s in response to dietary components and developing nutraceuticals that are most compatable with health based on unique genetic make up. Nutrigenomics refers to the dietary components and resulting gene expression and on the
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NTR366L_spring2011_TakeHome1IntroNutrGenomics - NTR 366L...

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