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Day 1, Week of February 14, 2011 Discussion Questions Goals of this discussion session: 1. To review some of the concepts that will be tested on Quiz #1 on February 16–18. 2. To explore some of these concepts a little more deeply than the limited lecture time permitted. (You may not know all the answers before participating in this discussion.) 3. Jargon alert! Be on the lookout for ordinary words being used with specialized meanings. For example, “digest” = “incubate” = hold at a specific temperature while the enzymatic reaction occurs. Safety What are some of the hazards to which you are exposed in the lab? What does “PPE” stand for? What are the items required to be used in this lab? What are some protective items that might be required in other situations? How can you behave to avoid injury? What are 2 reasons to wear gloves? Micropipettors What are the sizes of the micropipettors used in this lab? What are the ranges of volumes they each can measure accurately? Which one should you use to measure most accurately 20 μ l? 195 μ l? 200 μ l? How does the display look when the micropipettor is set to 770 μ l? (Be able to sketch it and label the colors of the digits.) How would you measure 1.5 ml with a micropippetor? Explain how the 2 stopping points of the plunger are used as a solution is drawn into the disposable tip and as it is dispensed. For greatest accuracy, how far should you insert the tip into the solution? What is the key to measuring viscous solutions accurately? How do the volumes measured with these micropipettors compare to volumes used in
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NTR366L_spring2011_week3_DiscussionQuestions - Day 1 Week...

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