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NTR 366L Take-home Lab #2 Due Week of Feb 28, Lab Day 2 Alphabet Soup: PCR, SNPs, and RFLPs in Nutrition Research Goal: To examine papers from the primary nutrition research literature that use some of the molecular biology techniques with which you are now familiar. The study in Part 2 is an example of “nutrigenetics” and that in Part 3 of “nutrigenomics.” Due date: Please turn in your answers to your TA by the beginning of the lab on which it is due (March 2, 3, or 4). Please note that your grade will be reduced by 20% for every day that it is late. Use the Internet to explore some of the concepts introduced here in greater depth if necessary. Please type your answers to the questions below; no hand-written answers will be accepted. Your answers should be complete but concise; long essay responses are not expected. Part 1: Follow the link below and read the article on “How to Read a Scientific Paper.” If you are not familiar with “primary” scientific literature (i.e., papers which detail original research findings, as opposed to “review” papers, in which the author(s) summarize previously published work, usually by many scientists), you may find this
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NTR366L_spring2011_TakeHome2AlphabetSoup (1) - NTR 366L...

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