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NTR366L_spring2011_week4_HW2 - 3(1 pt What does the...

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NTR 366L Spring 2011 Name, eid: Date: Unique No. Homework 4.2 1. (2 pts) In Southern blotting, what is the purpose of the prehybridization step? 2. (2 pts) What is the correct orientation when you put the agarose gel on the transfer membrane of the anode stack on iblot?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (1 pt) What does the abbreviation RFLP stand for? 4. (2 pts) Why do you need to have the hybridization solution ready BEFORE removing the pre-hybridization solution? 5. (3 pts) What does streptavidin do in the Southern blot experiment? How does it work?...
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