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NTR366L_spring2011_week10_HW01 - 4(2 pts How is protein...

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NTR 366L Spring 2011 Name, eid: Date: Unique No. Homework 10.1 1. (2 pts) What aspects of native proteins affect their rate of migration during gel electrophoresis? 2. (2 pts) What is the purpose of each component in the loading buffer? 3. (2 pts) What is the safety concern with polyacrylamide gels?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (2 pts) How is protein “fingerprinting” (as you will do with fish protein samples) similar to DNA “fingerprinting”? 5. (2 pts) Can you identify a specific protein using this protein fingerprinting? What method will you use to identify a specific protein?...
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