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NTR366L_spring2011_week10_HW02 - and indicate how it is...

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NTR 366L Spring 2011 Name, eid: Date: Unique No. Homework 10.2 1. (2 pts) Why do you transfer (“blot”) the proteins to the membrane support? 2. (2 pts) What is the purpose of soaking the membrane in milk? How do you think the membrane would look after development if you skipped this step? 3. (2 pts) Sketch the components of the antigen/antibody/antibody-enzyme conjugate complex
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Unformatted text preview: and indicate how it is detected. 4. (1 pt) Why are DNA sequencing gels made of polyacrylamide? 5. (3 pts) What is the mathematical relationship between molecular weight and migration distance? Make a sketch demonstrating how you would use the protein standards to estimate the size of a sample protein....
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