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Anthropology 101 04.04.08 Winter 2008 Tom Fricke At Home in the World, cont'd Several people have asked for a guide to key themes in the Jackson book. Instead of notes from the lecture (I'll talk about some key themes and define things like dreaming & dreamtime -- see the powerpoints), I wanted to provide you with a guide to important themes and the page numbers where you can find material for them. This will be especially helpful for those of you writing essays that will use the Warlpiri as one of your ethnographic cases. It will also be useful for studying when I get the study guide prepared for you next week. So, here's an index -- this is not "complete" but rather an indication of where you can either find discussions or illustrations of some key Warlpiri & anthropological concepts. Of course, things overlap -- so you really find "personhood" in many places, for example -- I have indicated pages where there is a sort of key focus on certain themes. Anthropologists and fieldwork92, 153-155
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