lying is morally wrong or right

lying is morally wrong or right - Lying is morally wrong or...

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Lying is morally wrong or right? In this essay, I will discuss the principle for the feelings will be examined to see whether it is sufficient to ground for holding lying as morally wrong. Many different philosophers have their own maxims at lying. This is clearly seen with the two philosopher’s Kant and Hume. Though totally different styles of philosophizing and looking at an ethical theory, it is not to say that one's theory is better or more justified than the other. It is perhaps a different point of view or another opinion to lying. To discuss Hume's ethical theory you have to look at the central theme, which is feelings. Hume's ethical theory says that moral judgments are made on feelings as oppose to reasons. Hume's feelings are based upon the belief that people make moral judgments because it is useful to society. Hume states that human beings are an animal whose life consists of worldly pleasures and correspondingly vice by a bad feeling or pain, and this is what leads them to a happy life. As you can see Hume leaves out the spiritual, reasoning, and thinking part of human nature. For Hume these feelings are justified because he says that we naturally care about other people and if we do not suffer from something we have a natural inclination to help others out. Hume
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