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ACCT 5399 Final Exam Case-1 - the new sales numbers The...

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ACCT 5399 Final Exam Case You are looking online one day and find a blog that you believe describes your office. You have reason to believe that the blog is written about your office because “events match up uncannily” with events that occurred in your office. Although no one is explicitly named in the blog, people in the office were given rude nicknames, so you easily concluded who the blogger in the office was – a high sales producer, but very selfish and abrasive. Your dilemma is deciding whether or not you should reveal the existence of the blog and identify the blogger to anyone in the office, and if so, to whom? You are not on good terms with the person you believe is the blogger. You could talk to your boss about the blog/blogger, but the boss may feel it’s just jealousy because of
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Unformatted text preview: the new sales numbers. The blog could lead to the destruction of friendships because individuals could become very offended by the content that was posted online about them. What should you do? Provide a case analysis that includes: 1. Description of the nature of the dilemma and options for action; 2. A list of persons and groups affected; 3. A framework for making a decision: a. The consequences for these persons and groups; b. The nature and depth of obligation to each of the aforementioned persons or groups; c. Your personal mandates and constraints that come into play in the decision; 4. Your decision; 5. The action you take; 6. The actual consequences of a best-case scenario, a worst-case scenario, and a most probable scenario....
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