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Thach Hoang English Composition I Essay 3 Final Draft High School (1968) In 1968, Frederick Wiseman started to film High School at Northeast High School at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wiseman was one of the most celebrated documentarians in film history, and he also was “one of America’s most provocative yet least seen documentarians” (Admin). It was not an easy mission to find a copy of his film, because Wiseman’s films were unavailable to the general public for decades (Admin). Thanks to the Internet and library, I could have found this film. Actually, I do not know much about Frederick Wiseman, and have never seen this kind of documentary movie before. High School was on the list of 50 Best High School Movies and 1001 Movies You Must See before You Die. (Admin) The movie is about everything happening at Northeast High School. This is an upper- middle-class high school. The camera helps us observe everything in every room, so we can see how the teachers talk and teach the students. The Cameraman went to French class, Spanish class, Dean’s office, gym, and hallway. In some way, the movie exposes the real thing
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