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Assurance of Learning Business Core Exam Spring 07 Ques- tion No. Question 1 Motivational theorists include all of the following except : a. Hofstede b. Maslow c. McGregor d. Herzberg 2 Kay, a person with a disability, is an employee of Midstate Transport Company. When the firm’s elevator is taken out of service, Kay cannot get to her office. Midstate discharges Kay, who then sues the firm on the grounds of disability-based discrimination. To prevail under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Kay must show that a. It would not be “significantly expensive” to put the elevator back in service. b. Kay can compete effectively against others with disabilities. c. Midstate refused to make reasonable accommodations for Kay. d. All of the above 3 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the normal probability distribution? a. Positively-skewed b. Bell-shaped c. Symmetrical d. Asymptotic 4 Tables of normal distribution probabilities are found in many statistics books. These probabilities are calculated from a normal distribution with a. a mean of 1 and a standard deviation of 1 b. a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 c. a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 15 d. a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1 Core Exam 1 Spring, ‘07
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A credit sale is erroneously recorded as a cash sale. If the error is not discovered or corrected prior to the preparation of the financial statements, what is the effect of this error on the balance sheet? a. assets are overstated b. assets are understated c. owners' equity is understated d. total assets, liabilities and equity are correct. 6 Documents utilized in human resource management for the purpose of recruiting and staffing include: a. Job description b. Job analysis questionnaire c. Job specification d. All of the above 7 A Japanese court awards a Japanese corporation damages against a U.S. firm. A U.S. court will defer and give effect to this award, as long as it is consistent with the laws and public policy of the United States, under a. The act of state doctrine. b. The Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. c. The doctrine of sovereign immunity. d. The principle of comity. 8 Downloading music from the Internet on my company’s fast network is better for me because at home I have a slow connection. How would you describe the situation here? a. This is an opportunity that gives me the advantage of speed b. This is an opportunity that not only gives me speed but saves costs because I do not need an Internet connection at home. c. This action is unethical. d. This is both unethical, illegal and probably against company policies and procedures. 9 Causes of variation that can be identified and eliminated are called what? a.
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FinalSpring07CoreTest - Chapter7: Long-Term Assets Chapter...

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