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Charles_Chelsea_CC4 Concept Check 4. 1. How does the nature of management jobs create the possibility for ethical abuses? Ethical behavior is formed by societies standards of right and wrong. Managers are faced with ethical dilemmas when it comes to authority and power (tempted by their responsibilities), handling information (withholding information or using information for personal gain), and influencing the behavior of others (encouraging others to engage in unethical behavior). 2. Identify and describe the most common forms of workplace deviance. Workplace deviance is defined by behavior that goes against the norm. The most common forms are production deviance (behavior that affects your work), property deviance (behavior that hurts the organizations property), political deviance (the abuse of one’s influence within the company), and personal aggression (harmful behavior towards others). 3. What are the U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines? How do they punish unethical behavior? The U.S. sentencing guidelines include almost all organizations, act as laws to protect
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Charles_Charles_CC4. MGMT 3820 - Charles_Chelsea_CC4...

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