Study guide - It is possible to be wrong about the...

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Study guide Skepticism Truth and belief as necessary True belief, is not sufficient for knowledge Knowledge is true belief Justified true belief does not work , you need to drop the justification and add belief because its true Three problems of knowledge and true belief are fortune teller, stop watch, tricked jury Gettier problems I believe that a friend has a Ford John has an 89 Ford escort (justified) 85 Dodge Omi (John red car) Kyle owns a Ford (68 GT 500) true Knowledge as reliable true belief Knowledge is belief and believed because its true o Caused connection between truth and belief Bouwsma 2 problems Believes in old theory Uses wrong examples -perfect Putnam Intentionality / aboutness and casual link In part, what is out there in the world determines whether we successfully refer (not just my experience/ meaning)
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Unformatted text preview: It is possible to be wrong about the experiences we are having. • Experiences like ours don’t reiterate the truth of those experiences • A skeptist would say this shows us we know much about anything Appearance No privileged realm of perception (A or R) Traditional – we have immediate and infallible knowledge of the character of our own experience It seems that objects can appear different to us without a change in the object Expectation effects Because we have a particular belief/ expectation we mischaracterize or misinterpret our own experience • Expect pain • Orange sherbet • Childs haircut Fallible and malleable • Judgments about appearance/seeming’s are fallible • Seeming’s can change without change in objects • Free is a malleability of perception/ it’s easily influenced /changed •...
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Study guide - It is possible to be wrong about the...

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