Running Head Sexual Harassment 01142011[1]

Running Head Sexual Harassment 01142011[1] - SEXUAL...

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SEXUAL HARRASSMENT 1 Running Head: SEXUAL HARRASSMENT Patricia McCormick Dr. George Yeakey MGT652-1005B-01 Human Resource Strategy Sexual Harassment January 16, 2011
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SEXUAL HARRASSMENT 2 SEXUAL HARASSMENT Sexual harassment seems to be a huge problem in today’s workplace, every year it was reported that a number of women and men have reported to their supervisors that they were sexually harassed by their coworker male or female (Boland, 2005) a few of the men and women have filed lawsuits to get reimbursed for time and suffering due to the harassment and feeling as though they were all alone with no moral support. According to the EEOC it states that sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favor, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that constitute sexual harassment. (EEOC, 2001) The situation that Peggy found herself in was a clear case of sexual harassment, it was unexpected, and she did not think that her coworker John would do something like that especially when other people were around. And now she has found herself in a predicament, she is asking herself, “What should she do?” She went to her supervisor and he did not help her much, the only thing he stated is if he did it again then he would talk to him, but it was not enough. So what Peggy must do is to decide if she
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Running Head Sexual Harassment 01142011[1] - SEXUAL...

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