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Test 2 Study Guide - love relationship from an addictive...

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FCS 325-Study Guide Test #2 Chapter 7 1. Know definitions and application for the following terms; eqalitarianism, gender roles, gender role stereotypes 2. Questions from Table 7.2 division of family work(labor) by gender 3. Know the main focus of gender roles in ethnic groups pg. 199-202 4. Be familiar with the traditional view of gender roles, expressive and instrumental pg. 193 5. Know main focus of each of the theories about gender pg. 202-206 6. Know definition and characteristics of family power pg. 206 7. Know what is meant by the terms; principal of least interest and resource theory of family power. 8. Be able to identify assertive and aggressive statements used by persons wanting to change the behavior of another person 9. Types of family patterns; submissive, syncratic, wife-dominant, husband- dominant. Be able to identify when given an example of Chapter 9 1. Be able to identify the characteristics of associated with the passion and caring clusters 2. Page 251-be able to identify those characteristics that distinguish a mature
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Unformatted text preview: love relationship from an addictive one 3. Be familiar with the destructive intimacy games I dont care you decide and zero-sum and how to limit these types of games 4. Know the 3 dimensions of Sternberg and Weiss love triangle 5. Know why fewer individuals are remarrying after divorce and some of the problems associated with being single 6. Know definition for jealousy Chapter 10 1. Several questions from pages 274-276 on courtship patterns 2. A question from the section cultural variations-India, China, Japan, Scandinavian countries 3. Know what is meant by the double standard in gender roles 4. When did the pattern of individual-choice courtship develop? 5. Questions from table 10.2-hooking up and hanging out 6. Know criteria for choosing a mate-pg. 284-285 7. Be able to identify components of the SVR Theory pg. 290 8. Cohabitings dramatic increase (293) and types of (295)...
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Test 2 Study Guide - love relationship from an addictive...

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