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Micro Lecture 4 - Biology 31 Microbiology Lecture 4...

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Biology 31 Microbiology Lecture 4 Microbial Classification and Identification Classification of organisms Systematic biology Science of classifying organisms Based on phylogenetic relationships Taxonomy Science of naming organisms (nomenclature) Each organism is given binomial scientific name Genus species Rules of Microbial nomenclature Bacteria International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology Viruses International committee on Taxonomy of Viruses Algae and fungi International Code for Botanical Nomenclature Protozoa and animals International Code of Zoological Nomenclature Hierarchal System of Classification Domain Kingdom Phylum (Division) Class Order Family Genus Species Example: Humans; Domain Eukarya (complicated) Kingdom Animalia Phylum (Division) Chordata (backbone) Class Mammalia (hair, milk) Order Primates Family Hominidae Genus Homo Species sapiens Classification of Prokaryotes Traditionally all assigned to Monera (kingdom) 5 kingdom system (old) Currently, no kingdoms are recognized for prokaryotes 1
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Each domain (Archaea and Bacteria) divided into phyla Current classification based on rRNA Ribosomal RNA Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology is the authority Classification of Eukaryotes Protists Formerly assigned to kingdom Protista (Proctista) Currently being split into multiple kingdoms Fungi (Kingdom Fungi) Plants (Kingdom plantae) Animals (Kingdome Animalia) Classification of Viruses Not classified as members of any of the three domains Non-cellular parasites Non-living Formerly classified based on location of discovery and type of disease caused
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Micro Lecture 4 - Biology 31 Microbiology Lecture 4...

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