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Micro Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Microbiology Microbial Control...

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Lecture 8 Microbiology Microbial Control and Host Defenses Microbial Control Methods or processes that: Kill microorganisms Inhibit growth of microorganisms Remove microorganisms Heat sterilization Kills microorganisms by denaturing enzymes Dry Heat Flaming, incineration, hot air Boiling Kills vegetative cells within 10 minutes Autoclave (steam under pressure) Moist heat Pasteurization High temperature for a short time Filtration Passage of liquid or gas through filter with small pores that retain microbes Used for removing microbes from air and liquids Low temperature Refrigerator temperatures (0-7°C) Slows growth by slowing the metabolism of the microorganism Subzero temperatures Halts growth of microorganisms Typically does not kill microorganisms Effectiveness depends on the organism Psychrophiles thrive in low temperatures Desiccation Removal of moisture Freeze-dry Inhibits growth of microorganism Cells remain viable Osmotic Pressure Most microorganisms undergo plasmolysis in increased concentrates of solutes
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Salts and sugars Plasmolysis = rupture of the cell Radiation Damages DNA of cell Ionizing radiation Gamma rays, x-rays High degree of penetration UV radiation Low degree of penetration Chemical agents
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Micro Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Microbiology Microbial Control...

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