Pathogen Project Pathogens influenzavirus

Pathogen Project Pathogens influenzavirus - Electron...

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Unformatted text preview: Electron Microscope Scanning Electron Microscope Electron Microscope Tested at the same time, to demonstrate a rise in the specific antibody titer. Viral strains are identified by variation in the H and N antigens. Causative agent: Influenzavirus Category: Virus : Caused by myxoviruses. Influenza A virus is the most frequent single cause of clinical influenza, which is also caused by influenza B, paramyxo-, and sometimes rhino- or eho- viruses. A major shift in the prevalent antigenic type of influenza A virus has occurred about once in a decade, resulting in an acute pandemic. Recovery normally occurs in a few days. Nonetheless, an extimated 50K - 70K Americans die annually of the flu, even in non-epidemic years. Disease: Influenza A, B, C - Acute bronchitis, pneumonia, croup. (A specific acute viral respiratory disease.) Different serotypes of Influenza A viruses are numbered H0N, H1N1, H2N, and H3N2, according to the major surface antigens of strains that have caused epidemics of disease in humans since the virus was first isolated in 1933. Currently, both H3N2 and H1N1 types are causing prevalent disease. Usually, only the most recent serotype causes epidemics, but strains can recycle after several years of absence, probably by disease....
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Pathogen Project Pathogens influenzavirus - Electron...

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