anatomy Ch11h - d Rectus abdominis • The rectus sheath...

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Human Anatomy Chapter 11: Axial Muscles Axial Muscles Have both their origins and insertions on parts of the axial skeleton. “A” LIST (5) 1. Muscles of Respiration a. Diaphragm The most important muscle associated with breathing. Is an internally placed, dome-shaped muscle. When the diaphragm contracts, the central tendon is pulled inferiorly toward the abdominal cavity, thereby increasing the vertical dimensions of the thoracic cavity. 2. Muscles of the Abdominal Wall Four pairs of muscles collectively compress and hold the abdominal organs in place. a. External oblique b. Internal oblique
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c. Transversus abdominis
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Unformatted text preview: d. Rectus abdominis • The rectus sheath • The linea alba “B” LIST (15) 1. Muscles of Facial Expression a. Buccinator b. Obicularis oris c. Obicularis oculi d. Platysma 2. Extrinsic Eye Muscles The rectus muscles a. Medial rectus b. Lateral rectus c. Inferior rectus d. Superior rectus The oblique muscles e. Inferior oblique f. Superior oblique 3. Muscles of Mastication a. Temporalis b. Masseter 4. Anterolateral Neck Muscles a. Sternocleidomastoid 5. Muscles of Respiration The Intercostals a. Internal Intercostals b. External Intercostals “C” LIST Everything else in the chapter...
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anatomy Ch11h - d Rectus abdominis • The rectus sheath...

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