anatomy Ch24h - Human Anatomy McKinley & O'Loughlin...

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Human Anatomy Chapter 24: Lymphatic System Lymphatic System o Complementary to the cardiovascular system o Functions include transportation and defense Functions of the Lymphatic System 1. Transport of excess interstitial fluid back to the bloodstream 2. Transport of dietary lipids 3. Defence – producing, housing and transporting the lymphocytes, which are responsible for the immune response Immune Response o Specificity Some cells produce soluble proteins called antibodies Other cells attack and destroy the antigen directly Other cells become memory cells Lymph and Lymphatic Vessels Lymphatic Capillaries o microscopic vessels
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similar to blood capillaries anchoring filaments Lymphatic Capillaries o Act as one-way valves Lymphatic Capillaries – Lacteals o The small intestine contains special types of lymphatic capillaries called lacteals. o Chyle Lymphatic Vessels o Lymphatic vessels resemble small veins. o Some vessels connect directly to lymphatic organs called lymph nodes. o Afferent lymphatic vessels o Efferent lymphatic vessels Lymphatic Trunks o Lymphatic vessels combine to form lymphatic trunks o Each major body region is drained by a lymphatic trunk
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anatomy Ch24h - Human Anatomy McKinley & O'Loughlin...

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