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anatomy DS - Digestive System Handout - Biology 20 Human...

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Biology 20 Human Anatomy Chapter 25 Digestive System Introduction Digestive tract is a muscular tube (oral cavity, esophagus, stomach. small intestine, large intestine), with accessory organs (tongue, teeth, glandular organs). Digestive processes: 1. Ingestion 2. Mechanical processing 3. Digestion 4. Secretion 5. Absorption 6. Excretion 7. Compaction 1. An Overview of the Digestive System A. Histological Organization of the digestive tract layers: (1) mucosa, (2) Submucosa, (3) mucularis externa, (4) Serosa 1. Mucosa (surrounding the lumen) mucous membrane : loose connective tissue (lamina propina covered with epithelium and moistened with glandular secretions plicae circulares (circular pleats) muscularis mucosae (thin layers of longitudinal and circular smooth muscle layers MALT (mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue 2. Submucosa (dense irregular connective tissue) submucosal plexus (nerve fiber networks)
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3. Muscularis Externa (circular and longitudinal smooth muscle layers) myenteric plexus : parasympathetic (increases activity) and sympathetic (decreases activity) sphincters (valves) 4. Serosa (serous membrane: visceral peritoneum) B. Movement of Digestive Materials visceral smooth muscle pacesetter cells and myenteric reflexes Peristalsis Segmentation
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anatomy DS - Digestive System Handout - Biology 20 Human...

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