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Homework Assignment 10: (1) An insurance company is selling the one-year term insurance that pays an extra benefit in case of accidental death that is described on page 29. The company wishes to have at least a 95% probability that premiums with a relative security loading of 0.20 are adequate to cover claims. Using the normal approximation, determine the minimum number of policies that must be sold. (Ans 29,999.3, which rounds up to 30,000 policies). (2) Policyholders covered by a group insurance contract fall into three classes: Class No. in Class Claim Probability Distribution of Claim Amt. 1 400 0.03 Exponential with λ = 5 2 300 0.07 Exponential with λ = 3 3 200 0.10 Exponential with λ = 2 Determine (a) the mean of the aggregate claims for the group, (b) the variance of the aggregate claims for the group and (c) the relative security loading so that the probability that total claims will exceed total premiums is 0.05. (Ans 19.4, 14.9489, 0.33) (3) Consider a group life insurance contract with an accidental death benefit. Assume that for all members
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