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Homework Assignment 12: (1) In a clinic, physicians volunteer their time on a daily basis to provide care to those who are not eligible to obtain care otherwise. The number of physicians who volunteer in any day is uniformly distributed on the integers 1 through 5. The number of patients who can be served by a given physician has a Poisson distribution with mean 30. Determine the mean and variance of the number of patients served in a day at the clinic. (Ans 90, 1890) (2) Between 9 am and 3 pm Big National Bank employs 2 tellers to service customer transactions. The time it takes Teller A to complete each transaction follows an exponential distribution with a mean of 10 minutes. Transaction times for Teller B follow an exponential distribution with a mean of 15 minutes. Both Teller A and Teller B are continuously busy while the bank is open. On average, every third customer transaction is a deposit, and the amount of the deposit follows a Pareto distribution with α = 3 and θ = 5,000. Deposits of $7,500 or
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