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Appendix C - website to review the discussion questions and...

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Axia College Material Appendix C University Resources: Week Eight Study Plan 1. How will I approach the content of Week 8? On Sunday evening’s I start to prepare for the next week. I get online and check to see what my instructor has provided in the Main forum. I then print out the reading material for the week and copy and paste all of the discussion questions into a word document and print that out as well. I then put all of the information I have gathered into a 3-ring binder that I have all of my materials from previous weeks in. Doing this makes me feel organized and prepared for the next week. 2. How will I study the content of Week 8? I start my week off by finding a nice quiet place where I am able to complete the reading material that has been assigned. I then go back and underline and highlight important information throughout the chapter. After completing the reading material I will check the University of Phoenix
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Unformatted text preview: website to review the discussion questions and answer DQ1. I will continue to check the website daily, read all of the posts by my classmate and answer the remaining DQs. I will then start working on my assignment for the week. 3. How will I remember the content of Week 8? I will use my learning style to remember the content by reading, writing notes, highlighting and underlining. I would also like to incorporate the two methods that you had mentioned in your posts, SQ3R & the mind maps to remember the material. Using the SQ3R method should come pretty easy to me because it is very similar to the way that I try and remember things now. The mind map method is a great way for me to try out different learning styles. I am not considered a visual learner but feel as though I could get learn a lot more by combining several learning styles together....
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