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AppendixE1 - Follow-up Questions 1 Based on the summaries...

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Follow-up Questions 1. Based on the summaries you received by clicking on the emoticons, what did you learn about your daily food intake? After reviewing the summaries I received from assessing my food intake I realized that I need to eat additional grains, fruits and milk products to maintain a healthy diet. On the day that I did the assessment I did not eat as much “junk food” as I normally do, so I feel as though I probably need to cut back on the carbohydrates as well. I met all of the requirements for the remaining food groups, which I think I normally do. Overall I think that the assessment came back pretty accurate. . 2. What recommendations were provided to improve your food intake according to the emoticon summaries? The recommendations I received were very helpful. They gave me good ideas on how to include the food groups I am lacking in into my diet. To include grains they suggested that I replace whole-grain products for a refined product, such as whole wheat bread instead of white bread and brown rice in place of
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