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Decisions in Paradise Paper 1 - Decisions in Paradise Paper...

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Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part I The south pacific island of Kava has the potential to be a true paradise. However, a recent span of natural disasters has left the island stripped of the pride and resilience it once had. The population is comprised of a majority of youth; nearly 50% of the people in Kava are under 15 years old. These young people need a refuge from the hardships of the island and a place that could enhance learning and community building opportunities. A new center for children would be ideal for the children and families of Kava alike. Child and Youth Facilities for a Better Community (CYFBC) offers a unique setting for young people. It will provide child care, tutors, a fitness facility, gymnasium, recreational activities and programs, and a communication lab. Next I will discuss the organizational and environmental obstacles, organizational processes, human resources decisions, and ethical commitment of CYFBC. Organizational and Environmental Obstacles Construction The Kava community thrives on recourses such as petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, and natural gas, as well as inexpensive, quality labor. As such, the new facility could be constructed using a combination of local workers and skilled technicians, a beneficial boost for the economy of Kava as well as an inexpensive alternative to outsourcing labor. Construction needs for this project will last duration of approximately three to eight months. Advertising and Competition Currently, no business in Kava exist that can offer all the services of CYFBC. The cost of advertising is very affordable because Kava is fairly new to the concept of commercial advertising. The options available are radio and newspaper advertisements, commercials, flyers, brochures, and special promotions. Each option is viable for the local community; however, the best results would be obtained if during the initial stages of construction the commercials and flyers were circulated. This would be efficient because the demographics of Kava are primarily young people, and the majority of them could be impacted if a commercial was aired or a flyer was distributed. After the construction is complete, the CYFBC could open to offer free services for the first full two weeks of operation. This generosity would appeal to the community,
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particularly the employed members as it shows that CYFBC is kind and sympathetic to the community and desires business from every member equally. Additionally, each person, young and old, who visit the facility upon opening will experience all it has to offer free of charge. This will entice them to return even after the two weeks have elapsed, boosting customers by informing them of the services offered. Obstacles and Risks
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Decisions in Paradise Paper 1 - Decisions in Paradise Paper...

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