lec.1 Notes - ISS 215 Lecture 1 Notes A. What is Structural...

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Unformatted text preview: ISS 215 Lecture 1 Notes A. What is Structural Functional Perspective ?- everyone from one school of thought Structural Functionalism looks at the social system as an integrated whole. I t suggests that both parts and whole are functional and produce equilibrium -an inbuilt mechanism that t ry bring society into a balance or back to normal. Functionality may be: Individual- responsible for certain number of things Interpersonal- individuals through interaction with each other become functional Societal gvt/ institutions are functional B . Main Features Systematic- every society has some system Indispensable- must have people in society otherwise no survival. No society without people Temporary Imbalances- every society has problems- they are temporary in that they will come back to equilibrium; good because it fixes problems; e.g civil rights mvmnt- laws changed Dysfunctional elements leading to social integration and equilibrium- criminals are functional provide jobs- police, the cooks in prison to cook their food, terrorists- unifies people like 9/11 Social change is evolutionary- changes continues; cannot stop, slow in some areas and may face resistance Social integration through legitimization of social, economic, and political structure as a society you have to create rules and regulations for people to follow Social stratification is good- C. Pioneers :- Note-all 4 suggested that society has life- e.g child from small grows, teenager adult and becomes more functional then becomes old and less functional and more dependant and dies. Then another is born to replace. Similarly- the rise and fall of Rome, Egypt civilizations 1. August Comte- organic whole + individuals are functional 2. Herbert Spencer- influenced by social Darwinism- survival for the fittest; individuals in the society who are best fitted are the ones who succeed, have IQ, work hard Social Organicism- Growth & Development- things to keep on growing and positive changes occur Increase in sized lead to increase in complexity & differentiation- when society is small, it is a lot more simple; small- large- simple- complex, agricultural- industrial. Difference in size leads to difference simple- complex, agricultural- industrial....
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lec.1 Notes - ISS 215 Lecture 1 Notes A. What is Structural...

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