lec.2 Notes - Lecture 2 Classical Theories of Social I...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 2 Classical Theories of Social I nequality I. Emile Durkheim A. Social Solidarity- ru ral simple societies (agricultural) 1. Mechanical Solidarity a. Simple division of labor- different people doing different things; kichen, team- many of the things being done are done by a small # of people. E.g long time ago, everyone did farming, hunting and gathering. Society- carpenter b. Homogenous- same religion, same culture- people were the same, tend to look alike e.g Holland in MI- known as Dutch town c. Similarity of individuals- d. Collective conscience- think collectively, work as a group, struggle as a group and take others into consideration e. Individual ego not prominent- ego is not important 2. Organic Solidarity a. Complex division of labor- one person is a doctor, engineer, lawyer. Complex division of society exists in organic solidarity- e.g America b. Differences- people are various c. Interdependence- overtime becomes too dependent d. Increased individualism- Individual is so important;struggle for self promotion at the sacrifice/expense of another e. Dehumanization- story; 67 year old man died in his room and was found after a year and only found bones. Shows how extreme individualism has become. NY downtown, people will kill each other and others ignore assuming its not their job to stop crime- polices job. B. Anomie Social Norm- accepted and expected behavior in a society. Most of your life time is regulated/dictated by social Norm NOT law....
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lec.2 Notes - Lecture 2 Classical Theories of Social I...

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