Chem notes Test 2 - Nomenclature o Metals bonded with...

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Nomenclature o Metals bonded with nonmetals : name always starts with metal NaCl: Sodium Chloride MgO: Magnesium Oxide o *** Zinc(Zn) always has a charge +1. Silver(Ag) is always +2. Oxygen(O) is always -2. CuCl 2 : CopperII Chloride CrO3: ChromiumVI Oxide o Nonmetals bonded with nonmetals : ***7 Diatomic atoms- H2, N2, O2, F2, Cl2, Br2, I2 o Prefixes: mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, penta-, hexa-, hepta-, octa-, nona-, deca- *** If first element is alone, you don’t prefix of mono- o Ex.: CO2- Carbon Dioxide NI3- Nitrogen Triiodide P4S10- Tetraphosphorous Decasulfide o Polyatomic Molecules C2H3O2: acetate CO3: carbonate (-3) OH: hydroxide (-1) NO3: nitrate (-1) SO4: sulfate (-2) PO4: phosphate (-3) NO2: nitrite (-1) SO3: sulfite (-2) PO3: phosphite (-3) ClO3: chlorate (-1) NH4: ammonium (+1) NH3: ammonia (+1) ClO2: chlorite (-1) ClO: hypochlorite (-1) ClO4: perchlorate (-1) o Acids HCl: hydrochloric acid HNO3: nitric acid HNO2: nitrous acid HClO3: chloric acid *** -ate= -ic, -ite= -ous o Concentration: how much stuff is in a given volume of liquid o Molarity: moles of solute per liter of solvent (moles/liter) Thermochemistry o System: the part of the universe where we will be measuring change o Surroundings: everything else except the system
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o Internal Energy: sum of kinetic and potential energies for the whole
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Chem notes Test 2 - Nomenclature o Metals bonded with...

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