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Human Resources Case Down East Spud Busters Down East Spud Busters is the newest component of a conglomerate that represents the potato growers of Eastern Canada and Northern Maine and that also overseas the collection, processing and distribution of potatoes and potato products. For many years, the industry functioned as a local cooperative. The cooperative was simply a collection center where potatoes were received and weighed, washed and graded, bagged and distributed. Potatoes were the only product. Potatoes were distributed in a variety of bag sizes and weights and were also sold loosely in large bins. The first phase of Down East Spud Busters strategic plan resulted in the building of a large manufacturing plant in Northern Maine with a focus on value-added products. The major strategy is to transform the basic potato into higher value potato products. Those products include a frozen division line (French fries, home fries, gourmet stuffed potatoes, flavored potato skins, and so on), a dried food division line (instant mashed potatoes, freeze-dried potatoes, potato pancake mix, and so on), and the traditional potato
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Down_East_Spud_Busters_Case - Human Resources Case Down...

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