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Sarah Anderson Advertising Management Written Assignment Ch. 5 David Smith Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model (Exhibit 5–4, p. 152), select two ads, one for the central route to persuasion and one for the peripheral route. Fully describe each ad and for each ad, explain the persuasion type, focus, and intended viewer comprehension level. Post your assignment in the Drop Box area for Assignment 5 (20 points) Ads 1. Bud Light – central route The commercial in which I am talking about shows a man and a woman on a date together and she keeps asking him to choose between one thing or the other. ..for example, if you had to save one person -would it be me or your mom?, he replies “sorry, mom” . .and then she asks what he would save from falling off a cliff-her or his bud light, he replies “well, how high is the cliff?” -which clearly answers that he would consider saving his beer before her. That really sends a strong message with the humor about how great he thinks this beer is, which
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