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Sarah Anderson Advertising Management Written Assignment Ch. 6 David Smith Answer Question 2 in Exploring Advertising (Page 174) 2. Spend some time in a retail store (ex. Grocery store, book store, clothing store, bank, etc.) and observe the customers. What do the customers first do when they arrive? What patterns do they follow when they shop? How do they decide which products to purchase? What could you, as a marketer for this business or its products, learn from simply observing the customers? I decided to kill two birds with one stone for this assignment, I needed to pick up groceries, so I decided I would observe at the local in town grocery store for this assignment at the same time. Ok so here is what I observed, based on the questions we were asked to address. When the customers first arrive to the grocery store, and myself included, the first thing we all generally tended to do is pick up the flyer located near the entrance door to check out the weekly specials and sales, then proceeding to either take a cart, or grab a basket to put their items into. Generally the grocery store has such a layout, that will lead you around the whole store and
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