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Sarah Anderson Advertising Management Written Assignment Ch. 3 David Smith Answer Questions 2, 3 and 5 in Exploring Advertising (Page 121) 2. The Sandals Resort commercials you see on TV and advertised on the internet seems to target the ads toward couples and families who like to vacation. Their marketing segment targets mainly travelers and people who like to vacation/interested in vacationing. Different variables include: Behavioristic: Prospective customers will be attracted to the beautiful locations, the all-inclusive packages, the name and reputation of Sandals. Geographic: People feel like they need a vacation, and they do want a vacation. And many have traveling and vacation as one of their favorite hobbies on their list of things to do in life. Studies will be done to see where the most popular vacationing spots are, so they will have a good idea as to where Sandals Resorts should be located. Demographic: Sandals vacations generally are moderate-expensive in price which targets those who are
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