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marketing management assignment 2

marketing management assignment 2 - D What major changes...

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Sarah Anderson Marketing Management Macroenvironment Scan For each trend give a 5- or 10-year pattern and indicate if it is an opportunity or a threat. A. What major demographic developments and trends pose opportunities or threats to this company? Population growth rate Population Age Mix Population Dispersion Population Ethnicity Population Education B. What major developments in the economic environment pose opportunities or threats to this company? Overall economy - recession, growth, etc. Inflation or deflation Unemployment rate Income distribution patterns C. What is the outlook for the cost and availability of natural resources needed by the company? Overall energy costs Specific raw materials costs and availability
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Unformatted text preview: D. What major changes are occurring in product and process technologies? Changes in product technologies Changes in process technologies E. What changes in laws and regulations might affect marketing strategy and tactics? General monetary and fiscal policy Changes in broad social leegislation and accompanying regulatory agencies Government regulations on individual industries Legislation relating to marketing F. What changes in customer lifestyles and values might affect the company? Change in class structure Changes in cultural values Changes in family structures Changes in religion Changes in racial or national groups...
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