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marketing research ch 4 questions

marketing research ch 4 questions - Sarah Anderson...

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Sarah Anderson Marketing Research Chapter 4 Pt A Part A (10 possible points) Answer questions 8, 9, and 18in Questions for Review and Critical Thinking on page 88. 8.) What are marketing ethics? How are marketing ethics relative to research? Marketing ethics is the area of applied ethics which deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing. Some areas of marketing ethics (ethics of advertising and promotion) overlap with media ethics. Of course it is relative to the research process because you need to be sure everything is ethical and will lead to an ethical outcome. 9.) What is the difference between ethical relativism and ethical idealism? How might a person with an idealist ethical philosophy differ with respect to including a pitch at the end of a survey? Relativism is a term that reflects the degree to which one rejects moral standards in favor of the acceptability of some action. This way of thinking rejects absolute principles in favor of situation-based evaluations.
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