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Marketing research ch 4 - Sarah Anderson Chapter 4 Written...

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Sarah Anderson Chapter 4 Written Marketing Research Go to the site Prepare a 3 page summary of the contents of Pages 3 to 28 of the document. Cite the document as a reference using the current APA style guide The article I read provided information towards marketing research standards. It goes over the rules, their purposes and explanations of them, definitions of terms. The purposes of the Marketing Research Association's Code of Marketing Research Standards is: Established to ensure that MRA members conform to the following principles: Conduct research in an honest and ethical manner Instill confidence in research to encourage public cooperation Instill confidence that research is done in a professional and fair manner To provide members with guidelines that lead to research being conducted in accordance with scientific, statistical and proven practical methods. Carry out every research project in accordance with the Code Respect the general public and its rights ( , page 3) The main body of information goes over all of the different standards that go into Marketing Research. After reading through them, they all make very good sense, and are all common sense as well. For instance, standard number four states “Will report search results honestly and accurately.”
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Marketing research ch 4 - Sarah Anderson Chapter 4 Written...

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