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Sarah Anderson Marketing Research 9.) Visit a social networking site (assuming you can log into a site) Search for information about Starbucks, Is there anything useful that turns up in your search that could be used by Starbucks to improve their sales and overall business operations? Explain. Facebook is a social networking site that I use on a daily basis. When I type in Starbucks into the search engine, I get all kinds of results, such as fan groups of Starbucks (there is one group with 13,654,077 people in it!), groups that hate Starbucks, and the option to add Starbucks as a friend. Each of these groups could be evaluated, and used as information. .. such as . ..reading posts about what consumers love about Starbucks, and their favorite products. ...also, people post what they wish they had. Hate groups could be evaluated and could be used as information as to why people despise the company. There is a
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Unformatted text preview: group called Starbucks Sucks, and I read through some of their posts, a lot of people complaining that the coffee is average and overpriced, that they don't support the troops in Iraq, people complaining that their local Starbucks is dirty, and the coffee is burnt. The complaints can go on. And of course in the fan groups, people discuss their love for Starbucks, claiming they have the best coffee, good deals, nice environment, etc. It's all a matter of opinion is what it seems to come down to. Starbucks could definitely use the comments from these pages to their benefit because Facebook is a very large, and popular social network, and many people are in these groups, so it's seeing a large population of coffee drinker's opinions on their products and services....
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