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Sarah Anderson Chapter Part 8 Marketing Research Part A (10 possible points) Questions for Review and Critical Thinking (pages 203 - 204) Question 2, 10, 12 and 14. 2. The major advantage of gathering data through unobtrusive observation over surveys, which obtain self- reported data from respondents, is that the data are free from distortions, inaccuracies, or other response biases due to memory error, social desirability bias, and so on. The data are recorded when and and as the actual event takes place. 10. What is a scanner-based consumer panel? It is s type of consumer panel in which participants purchasing habits are recorded with a laser scanner rather than a purchase diary. 12. How can marketing research determine if an observational data collection involving hidden cameras is ethical?
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Unformatted text preview: There are three questions that can help address this question: 1. Is the behavior being observed commonly performed where it is expected that others can observe the behavior? 2. Is the behavior performed in a setting in which the anonymity of the person being observed is assured? 3. Has the person agreed to be observed? If the answer to the first 2 question is yes, then there is not likely a violation of privacy in collecting observational data. If the answer to the third question is yes, then gathering the data is likely to be ethical as well. Also some might see contrived observation as unethical based on the notion of entrapment. 14. A device that measures galvanic skin response, a measure of involuntary changes in the electrical resistance of the skin....
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