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Sarah Anderson Marketing Research Chapter 9 Pt. B Part B (10 possible points) Case 9.2. Submit answers for all four questions. 1.) Definitely the lab experiment. It's more ethical. It can be controlled in a lab and tested at how drunk they are by drinking to that level, and have their intoxication and sobriety tested without actually going out and driving possibly intoxicated just for the experiment. It would be best to have a normal beer consumer come to the lab and drink to the level that they would like tested, and then tested right away to see if their advertisement is misleading, rather than doing a field experiment which would require the drinking and driving in a natural environment. 2.) Test marketing is the most common type of field marketing. It has three broad primary uses in marketing research: forecasting the success of a newly developed product, testing hypotheses about different options for marketing mix elements, and identifying weaknesses in product designs or marketing strategies. Lab experiments offer higher internal validity because they maximize control of extraneous variables. High
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