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Sarah Anderson Marketing Research Chapter 11 Pt A Written Assignments: Part A (10 possible points) Questions for Review and Critical Thinking (pages 266-267) Question 1. 1.) Define measurement. How is your performance in a marketing research class being measured? Measurement is the process of describing some property of a phenomenon of interest, usually by assigning numbers in a reliable and valid way. There are many different measurement styles, scales, variables, concepts, etc. In this class, I believe we use more than one of those. First of all, we use the number system for our individual assignments. We are given a number out of the total possible amount of points which equal a grade of whichever level that that number falls on. For
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Unformatted text preview: instance, 20 possible points, 20 would represent outstanding performance- no errors, 11-20 represents different degrees of passing performance, and below 11 would indicate a failing performance. In the end, once the semester is over, all those possible points and what we have achieved will be calculated and transferred into a letter grade that corresponds to our performance. The typical U.S. Based grading system goes as follows: A-Excellent performance, B-Good performance, C-Average performance, D-Poor performance, F-Failing...
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