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Marketing research ch 12 pt a - Sarah Anderson Marketing...

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Sarah Anderson Marketing Research Part A (20 possible points) Questions for Review and Critical Thinking (pages 322) Questions 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9, (2 points each) and Question 19 (10 points). 2. What is the difference between a population and a sample? What are the reasons why a sampling process is so often used in place of a census? Why is it that a population can sometimes be as accurate, or more accurate than a census? Population- Any complete group of entities that share some common set of characteristics. Sample- A subset, or some part, of a larger population. Samples are a much easier, and fast way of finding out results you are looking for. A sample gives you a pretty accurate look into a population, or the whole group. Applied marketing research projects usually have budget and time constraints. Sometimes it is impossible to contact all units in a population for many different reasons. A sample may even on occasion be more accurate than a census. Interviewer mistakes, tabulation errors, and other nonsampling errors may increase during a census as workers suffer from burnout, fatigue, incompentence, or dishonesty. 6. Describe the difference between a random and systematic sampling error? Random Sampling error- The difference between the sample result and the result of a census conducted using identical procedures. Systematic sampling error- refers to the tendency to consistently underestimate or overestimate a true value. Suppose that your list of magazine subscribers was obtained through a database of information about air travelers. The samples that you would draw from such a list would likely overestimate the population mean of all subscribers' income because lower-income subscribers are less likely to travel by air and many of them would be unavailable to be selected for the samples. 7. What is a nonprobability sample? What are some examples?
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Marketing research ch 12 pt a - Sarah Anderson Marketing...

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