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Personal Selling Ch. 6

Personal Selling Ch. 6 - Sarah Anderson Personal Selling...

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Sarah Anderson Personal Selling Written Assignment Ch. 6 David Smith Prepare and submit answers to “Questions and Problems” Questions 4, 5, 7, and 9 on page 165 4. A good salesperson can sell any customer, do you agree? Why or why not? They may be good at their profession, and maybe even the best, but if someone already has their mind dead set on not wanting something, then a lot of times you probably won't get them to budge on that. I disagree that a good salesperson can sell any customer for that reason. 5. Would a person with an analytical social style be better at selling than a person with a driver or an expressive style? Why or why not? I would think they would be better because they have a personality in which they are strongly motivated to make the right decisions. They systematically analyze the facts, using the past as an indication for future events. They are probably very likely to know the most facts about a product since they are analyzers. The one thing that sets them back is them lacking in having the friendliest,
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