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Personal Selling Ch. 8

Personal Selling Ch. 8 - Sarah Anderson Personal Selling...

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Sarah Anderson Personal Selling Written Assignment Ch. 8 David Smith Prepare and submit answers to the questions at the end of Case 8.2 Truckers 1. Assume you are Meagan Turner. List your call objectives for your first call with the marketing director for Motel 6. Develop a 3-call follow up schedule and list the objectives for each call. My first call objective would be to find out if Motel 6 has ever heard of Trucker Connection, and if they hadn't, I'd explain what Trucker's Connection is, and the primary goal they'd like to achieve (selling their magazine to Motel 6). I'd leave the offer open on the table for Motel 6 to determine if they would be interested in carrying this magazine, which could attract more truckers to stay at Motel 6 chains. Also, I would check if they would be interested in scheduling a meeting discussing the possible benefits the motel could have by offering this magazine for truckers.
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