Personal Selling Ch. 9

Personal Selling Ch. 9 - Sarah Anderson Personal Selling...

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Sarah Anderson Personal Selling Written Assignment Ch. 9 David Smith Prepare and submit answers to the questions at the end of Case 9.2 What would You Do? 9.2) Lots of crazy things can happen during a sales call. Reflect on the following real-world scenarios, and indicate what you feel is the appropriate response or answer to each. 1. You enter the prospect's office, and the prospect motions you to have to have a seat. But the seat is actually a giant two-foot inflated purple ball instead of a chair. You notice that the prospect has an identical ball to sit on behind her desk. I would just look at it as a quirky sense of personality they may have, and I'd embrace it and take a seat. Even something as simple as that, could lighten the mood which isn't a bad thing. It might be a little weird, but I'd assume it's just something for fun, and maybe it's one of those exercise balls that they might use when they have free moments in the day. 2.) You leave with the prospect to head down to production. You are a male, and the prospect is a female. As you approach a door, you wonder if you should open the door for the prospect. It's just common courtesy and chivalry, I would definitely open the door for the women. I am a women, so I have the viewpoint of what most women would think. And we definitely appreciate it when people, guys in general, go out of their way to be nice and show their respect for a woman. 3.)
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Personal Selling Ch. 9 - Sarah Anderson Personal Selling...

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