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Personal Selling Ch. 15

Personal Selling Ch. 15 - Sarah Anderson Personal Selling...

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Sarah Anderson Personal Selling Written Assign. Ch. 15 David Smith Prepare and submit answers to the questions at the end of Case 15.3 “McGraw Hill. Please provide all of the details necessary for Pierce to complete his trip. 1.) Plan an appropriate schedule for Pierce. If I were Pierce, I would stop at the larger colleges first. He needs to prioritize his goals and time to make sure he hits the colleges that are at the top of his list first, and the smaller ones last. I would start with the larger colleges first because they may lead to greater outcomes, such as a higher commission or bonus check, and the amount of sales revenue generated or number of sales generated, and then number of prospects identified are common performance goals he may set for himself. Reading through the information, I would probably start with the college located centrally, not the ones the most north or south. And then from there, decide which my highest priority would be, which personally, I would probably head more southern to St. Cloud University.
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