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FMSC 341 Review Sheet Chapter 11 – Definitions 2 ways of investing: Debt investor – an investor who lends money to an individual, a government entity, a financial institution etc Equity Investor – an investor who has an ownership interest in a business Return on investments include capital gain (growth in the value of an investment over time) and regular cash flow, such as interest payments or dividend Debt investments are investments in which capital gains are possible even before maturity. Fixed –income investments are debt investments that provide a fixed interest payment to the investor over the term of the investment.
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Unformatted text preview: Major assets c Investing Asset categories and the business cycle 1. The nominal value of real assets tend to rise in an economic expansion and fall in an economic contraction 2. The real value of nominal assets tend to fall in an economic expansion and rise in an economic contraction Business cycle timing is a strategy that involves putting more money into one’s investment portfolio during times of expansion and pulling out in times of economic contraction. Selection criteria...
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