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Marketing Exam 7 Study Guide - Marketing Exam 7 Study Guide...

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Marketing Exam 7 Study Guide! 1. Service vs. Product a. Service: i. Intangible – you can’t touch it, you can’t package it 1. As a marketer you have to make intangible more tangible to the market 2. Ex. Tickets to a game are tangible, but the game itself is intangible ii. Inseparable 1. Consumer has to be present when its produced. iii. Heterogeneous 1. Each person gets a different unique service 2. You and friends can go to same hair stylist with the same picture in hand but the end result will vary for each person iv. Perishable 1. Disney lines, service cannot be saved and its challenging o synchronize supply and demand 2. They need to find a way around the situation 2. Key elements of service quality a. Reliability: ability to perform the service right the 1 st time b. Responsiveness” ability to provide prompt service. Walk-ins c. Assurance: knowledge and courtesy of employees. Customer service vs. customer self service d. Empathy: caring, individualized attention to each customer. Understand problems e. Tangibles: physical evidence of a service. If Lexus fixes ur car, they’ll show you the faulty part 3. The GAP model a. Difference between what customer expects and what is delivered. You want to narrow Gaps without wasting money. Model in book 4. Marketing mix change from products to services
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