Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - UrbanTransportation HighwayTransport...

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Urban Transportation Highway Transport - Urban/suburban - Intercity - Passenger - Freight Un-sustainability of road transportation in urban environments 1. Background - Luxury to WW1 (1920s) - Beneficial to WW2 - Essential after War (1950 - today) Affect design of cities (a) Growth of suburbia (b) Retailing Economic Importance food, entertainment, servicing, manufacturing, petroleum 2. Automobility (Car Culture) Automobility is a society's use of the automobile combing its transportation   function with belief in individual mobility  and status of vehicle as a consumer good. a) Transportation function alternative to public transit b) Mobility: i. Freedom to live where we want to. Separation of work, shop, play, live ii. Freedom to travel when and where you want (requires cheap energy) Mobility = freedom of choice
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Mobility is important to society: Jobs new experiences Maintain family/community ties
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Lecture 5 - UrbanTransportation HighwayTransport...

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